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School of Information Technology


School of Information Technology

BSc Administration & Computer Systems

BSc(Hons) Information &Communication Technology

BSc(Hons) Computer Networks and     Communications

 BSc (Hons) Computer Network Security

 BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering



Language courses are under development as it is necessary for learners to take a language course as a part of the graduation requirement.

Entry Requirement

The entry qualification for all our BA (Hons) and BSc are listed below. It is advisable if you have none of the qualification listed, to call the university with your qualification for direction in the course of your choice.

Entry Qualification

i.                High school Diploma, GCE “A” Level or OND/HND

ii.               GCSE: 5 subjects including mathematics and English Language

iii.             Mature candidates with lots of working experience may be accepted without the above.

iv.              Suitably qualified candidates can be exempted from either year 1 or years 1and 2.  Such candidates will be subjected to RPL i.e. an assessment of prior learning or achievement.

All BA and BSc Courses are for three years (3yrs) except where exemption