CBI University

About CBIU

The University was established in 2011 in the Dominican Republic under certificate of registration number 323572. It was established to make quality international education accessible to people irrespective of geographical location and financial ab1status.

The University is committed to delivering first class quality international education. All courses are designed, controlled and assessed in partnership with an international faculty based in London, United Kingdom.

A world class education based in Puerto Plata delivered online via London. Periodic seminars and workshops for students from various countries are held in Dominican Republic exotic holiday campus and in London. Workshops are also held at other holiday locations of the world.  This gives our online students an opportunity for a face-to-face tuitions and help with their studies. The objective is to make learning as fun and as relaxing as possible for people of all ages.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to apply information, communication and technology to learning that empowers individuals, institutions and international communities.  The University motto is: Power and Strength.  That is to empower individuals and strenthen their positions in the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading world class university that works in partnership with the international community particularly those institutions serving people from diverse cultures for which widening participation in education is crucial for community cohesion, transformational leadership, and social mobility.

We are committed to shaping, advancing and promoting education  in the community we operate.